Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Babbling Bla, Bla...

The Lazy One...

Counting, counting one-two-three

I've here I, myself, and me

One brain, two hands, one heart

I've plenty lump of clay and cards

I've with me the whole time my urge to craft

I've plans, ideas, and had them drafted

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, all had passed

Tuesday has come and I was just lazy around at last!!!

P.S. That's me. LOL ;)

Copyright © 2011, Miniatures By Rachel

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Long, long way...

It has been quite a long while since my last post.
Over a year I realized, I just felt like it was years of long gone...
Things had happened in my life as they always happen to any of us.
Up and down, right and left, good and bad.
Life is not that easy and sweet.
Especially, when you discovered a grown up way of life and living.

Full time work wears you out and eats your time up.
Time flies, so they say and it's true. So true.
People, life and living are not always nice and kind.
We all are like that (GEE!)

Sounds bitter but, not all are though.
I can still laugh and remember the sunshine. :)

Bit by bit and little by little, I'm coming closer and closer back to my clay play.
I have a tiny urge on my fingers yet, no real idea what to do or where to start.
So, I started it out babbling right here. lol

At the moment, it's raining outside.
The big mango is in rainy season.
I've been discovered my ability (even if it's a tiny, little one), I enjoy writing poem.
Not the beautiful ones and I'm not a poet.
But writing is great.
Would be nice to be able to write something on my minis. :)

Miss you all and hope life treats you well.

Rachel :)

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