Monday, March 31, 2008

Sweet Treats

I enjoy making miniatures, especially miniature cakes and bakes. It's fun! And the fun starts when I prepare the clay until I finish making them. This is so additive! (or is it simply my obsession?). ;)

Friday, March 28, 2008

Making Miniature Cake For the First Time

How to make miniature cake???

I remember the time I started to make my own miniature cake and had completely no idea what to do or where to start and decided to went ahead with all trials and errors expecting nothing for any good use, but lesson(s) learned...

There, I started with a block of clay and
color pen's cap. It did not look difficult before I started to make, those cakes look cute and some look so simple. So, I got the clay colored, cut it out by a pen cap. OK, I got a cake body and now what?

Let start. We will do it together.

First, if you have nothing at all but a pen or two. Get one and take the cap out or grab one of your cookie cutters. Color the clay or use colored clay you want, flat it down to your desired thickness, cut it out in round shape or shape of your 'cake cutter'.

You now got you cake body ready for decoration. Want decorating cream? Roll a small amount of clay into small round ball, make some of them enough to decorated the cake base and top, if you like.

Toppings? You can roll small snakes and cut the snake into short rods and use the rods for cake topping like chocolate sticks. Line them radically on the cake or make simple cherry balls, make a tear drop shape of red clay into strawberry, etc. You do not have to do everything exactly like in reality, just simplify it the way you can. Have paper punch? Roll the clay into thin sheet and punch it out to shape(s) and use the punched out clay to decorate your cake. Now, it's up to your imagination. Have fun! :)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Just the Two of Us...

This is a cute, tiny wedding cake set. A set of three, one for her, one for him and one for us...

What's behind the scene? Men and women are alike yet different in many ways (men are from Mars, women are from Venus?). I found out that even if we all are from planet earth, we are alike and we are different. Like dark and white chocolate, we can be both, bitter and sweet (and yum!). :D

Love brings man and woman together with fondness and delicate feelings like pink rose. Strong and determine like dark chocolate. Gentle and sweet like white chocolate...

Think back to the day you fall in love, do you still remember those butterflies in your stomach? Your eager and impatient waiting for dawn and frown on the dusk? Oh... I'm in love... *evil grin*

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Made to Order

Many of us would like to have some other specific design for certain items for our own purpose. The only problem is many items we found are 'almost' what we want to have, but anyway it's not 'it'.

So, what others do? They ask if some item can be done with different details to suit their need. Therefore, custom order service begin! Doesn't sound bad, huh? :)

I got messages for custom order, some are different from my regular items and they are sure fun to work with. I enjoy these custom orders as much as my regular stuff. I found out that the most important thing is communication.

So far, every of my custom order/made to order items are what the person who ordered/the buyer want to have. If there is no picture available from the buyer, I will do some internet searchings and send a pic or two to my buyer. And then, we got the same idea of what they want and what I will make. Or in case of real item replication. I would, beforehand, inform them that some parts will need to be simplify. I can't beat mother nature and her creations. lol I can only try my best to keep things similar or close to what the real one is. (Some items, after I finished making, I do not want to ship them to my buyers and just wanted to keep them in my personal collection... :P)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wedding Cake Replication

I recently got orders and quite a few inquiries asking if I do wedding cake replication. My answer is 'Yes', but I also need to see a picture or two of the cake in order to be able to tell you if the cake is beyond my ability to replicate or not. Ideally, I would like to make them exactly the same - real and replicated mini-cake. My replication version is always with details as much as I can do out of the real version. And I work on it little by little to get the best result, the order takes around 2-3 weeks to finish. Once the cake is shipped, I only hope the mini-cake pleases the owner...

This is my latest wedding cake replication work. I really like the cake, I even fell in love with it when I started to make those tiny flowers in different shade (I'm asking for permission to post picture(s) of the real cake here for your reference).


And here are more picture of the replicated and original cake. :)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Very Strawberry

Strawberry is a popular fruit for miniature cake and pastry decoration, whole fruit and sliced. The strawberry is also used as a symbolic of heart and love, due to its heart-like shape...

I used to make only whole fruit strawberry for my miniature and dreamed of sliced strawberry for my minis. I tried some experiments to get sliced strawberry. It was fun and frustrating at the same time. lol There were times that I did nothing else but fruit canes, piles of scrap clay all over and such time is still around...

And I got an order to make strawberry cakes, tarts and cupcakes. The condition was that the minis might have strawberry as one of the toppings and decorations. I have to admit that this order was a fun order to make. I had to stick with strawberry and vary other components to make all of them different with one thing in common, strawberry. They came out nicely.

Here are 4 of those from the order. Strawberry- kiwi-orange-banana Charlotte cake, strawberry-banana double chocolate cake, strawberry-kiwi tart and vanilla cream strawberry cake. These minis are in special 1:12th scale order, slightly bigger than regular 1:12th size. Don't they look yum? ;)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Daisy, oh daisy...

Daisy is one of my favorite flowers especially, white daisy. I love it not only the physical appearance but also the meaning.

Daisy has its own meaning on loyal love and purity. How cute! ;)

Roses are well known on their meanings and generally used as a symbol of love and fondness. Yet, there are many more flowers that can also be a good to represent your love and feeling on someone. Beside rose wedding cakes and rose cakes, I also got orders to make forget-me-not (
true love and good memories) and some other flower cakes. I'm now working on wedding cake replication orders, one of them is a wedding cake decorated with hydrangea , rose and lily. Sweet and romantic... ♥♥♥

I enjoy making flower cakes and love the idea of using them as special meaning gift for special someone. If they are mini-lover you can give them as mini-cake. If they are not mini-lover you can give them mini-flower cake ring, charm or pendant that they can use in their daily life. :)

Do you have any special or favorite flower?

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Ice Cream is Ready!

Oh well, spring is not far. So, I got myself ready for it and preparing ice cream to celebrate spring! :D

Green back yard, birds, bees and butterflies, flowers, sunshine and pick nick! Hoo Raaaaaaay!

I, personally, love double scoop ice cream cone that I can eat and wander around (I know I should sit while I'm eating, but...). Well, as long as it's ice cream, I don't mind though. ;) And as I like sticky chocolate sauce so, I make my mini-ice cream with the choco-sauce. Strawberry Sundae? Next one! :) Or mango delight? Or...

Friday, March 7, 2008

Peach Pie

Yes, I'm in pie mode. :) I'm making pies in different container, flat plate, deep bottom dish, aluminum pan, etc.I always want to try pie with lattice top, I think this kind of pie looks nice. I wish my neighbor bakery shop make some tiny, mini pies to sell... Would love to eat each of them in one bite. :D

After I made this peach pie I was thinking about making a sliced piece out of the pie. But, I also love the look of a complete piece. I think it looks fine like this. However, to slice one piece out could also give another perspective and could be more realistic look? And I can see the inner part of the pie... What a difficult decision! :(

Was also thinking about making peach pie earrings - sliced the pie out and make them earrings. Finally, I decided to keep it miniature pie instead of earring pie. :P I think it doesn't look bad. Let's eat! :D

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Meringue Pie

Pies are one of those beautiful and delicious pastries. I always dream of having a mini-bakery shop full with breads, buns and fresh baked pies.

I started to make mini-pie seriously at the end of last year. My first pie was cherry pie and then, key lime pie, peach pie, lemon cream pie, spinach pie, blueberry cream pie, blueberry pie (with pie crust), strawberry pie and meringue pie respectively. I still practicing making pies and would love to try other kind of pie. Some of them I sliced one piece out to show the inner part. Actually, the meringue is also with inside part which can be sliced out but, I don't want to slice it out afraid of destroying the meringue. Perhaps I should try it once...

My favorite mini-pies are cherry pie and peach pie yet, meringue pie is fun to make. :)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Spring Cake

Spring is not far away and soon flowers will start to bloom. I love thinking about tiny green hill with small wild flowers blooming all over. Strawberry will start to flower and next will be yummy, tiny red strawberry. Long daylight and bright sunshine day... Love them!

I made this tiny pink cake inspired by rose bouquet and flower basket.

Let's go pick some flowers for dinner table!