Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Marble Cake or Cupcake?

Holidays are coming closer and closer. I made Christmas cakes and holiday bundt cake. *^^* I really like this bundt cake with its texture, color and 'taste'. :D Chocolate marble bundt cake! The most difficult part was decorating, I like the cake texture as itself and also wanted to decorate the cake. Over decoration will distract and disturb the marble texture, no decoration? too plain I thought. So, here we are... *^^*

And finally, I made my 'King' cupcakes. They are bigger than the cupcake I made in the past, but still in shape and scale. Cupcake lover will enjoy the size (I think :)). I've seen many beautiful real cupcake and the most 'yummy' part is its decoration. I'm now trying to make my cupcake yum... I also make cupcake for your ears! :D

Friday, November 21, 2008

Simply Me...

Nothing more, nothing special... *^^*

I kinda like this sponge cake, love the simplicity, pretty color combination (IMHO), and love it as a sponge cake. :)

I used to make fruity sponge cake, cupcake and tried to make something else other not different, but the mixture of those lovely cakes

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Go King! ;)

Well, I meant my mini-cake size. I'm making semi 1:6th and 1:12th scale size cake, king size 1:12th scale which also can be used as small size play scale cake for Pullip, Blythe and Momoko doll. I'm falling in love with Momoko and Pullip... :P

With this cake, I tried a new technique on frosting. Doesn't look bad (I think). :D It's soooooooooooo good to get back to my 'clay play' again. *^_________^*

Friday, November 7, 2008

Winter Taboo...

It's always like this... missing ice cream when temperature is heading down and cold wind is blowing. But this year I'll be able to enjoy ice cream living in the big mango! :D

I guessed there is something wrong with me making Halloween items during spring, ice cream on winter, Valentine's items on fall, etc. -_-' Will I ever make things right? When I started making these 'out of season' items it was mainly because I missed them, I think there are some of us out there feeling similar... Or?

Anyway, this prep. board is homemade ice cream with toppings you can add as much as you want. :D

Monday, November 3, 2008

Christmas! Get set! Go!

Are you ready?

Christmas is coming. I was waiting for Santa the whole childhood life and still waiting. My favorite reindeer is Rudolf. Don't ask me why, I guessed it was just love at first sight. I even have Rudolf a reindeer doll myself. ;)

I just finished making a chocolate Christmas Poinsettia cake (the one above) and kinda like it. Time flies, time flies...

Sunday, November 2, 2008


After a long time of disappearance, I didn't go anywhere really. Was haunting around with my mini-obsession as usual, the only difference was that I can't access to internet. Life!

Anyway, I'm back now! :D Healthy? No idea, but happy and in good mood. Things to do and so little time a day... I'm getting back to my flower and veggie works again. Winter is coming and soon some of my fav. fruits will over. Made a fruit board for this summer remembrance... Till then... :)