Saturday, August 30, 2008

Grill and Green!

We all are aware of health and healthy food lately. But who would say no to fresh grilled steak? Let's make it healthy meal with green salad and some veggies! :)

I made this meal set out of my own hunger. lol Beside green salad bowl I added 2 fresh baked buns, mashed potato and some other veggies to the dish. Anything else missing? Oh well... let's eat! ;)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Story of 'Us'

Making a wedding cake with philosophy behind, it makes the cake so meaningful and I love it! :)

I made this cake a simple inclined 4-tier wedding cake. The flowers represent things happened before two person become one.

The first tier, the base one, with 4 flowers means 'when we first met we were in the middle of people, friends...'.
The second tier with 3 flowers means 'then, we were getting closer to each other - meet the parents'.
The third tier with 2 flowers means 'now, it's all about 'us', only 2 of us'.

The fourth tier with a single flower means 'finally it's the day, two of us becomes one person'.

'Husband and wife' ... :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rose, Rose, Rose

Still with flower influence! lol My favorite mini-cakes are fruity and floral kind. From time to time I also make fancy/fantasy cake. I'm simply addicted! :P

Many clay lover folks ask me questions about clay flower making. For certain size and scale mini-flowers there are cutters such as Kemper cutter for petals and leaves for flower maker to use. However, for smaller size flowers like these I used to decorate my mini-cake were all handmade (scratches, rolls, squeezes, etc. :D).

To start making flower, it's a real good start follow instruction/tutorial available online (or wherever available) for life size flower. It's important to learn and understand basic practices and techniques prior to mini-flower. After you are familiar with life or bigger size flower making, you can start reduce size. From here, when it's limitation on tools and cutters, you will be forced to invent your own technique to get what you want. And then you will develop your own 'style'. I'm also learning and practicing.

Don't forget that practice makes perfect. :)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tropicana Exotica

Inspired by strong sun and colorful tropical flowers. I'm back to clay play and this time it's clay flower. lol

One good thing about making these flowers is a joy of variation! Natural flowers are unique, one always different from another. Difference in tint, tone and shade, shape and size. I also have fun arranging these tiny flowers in vase, jar, etc. I even bottled them. :D

Tropical plants are also beautiful. Sometime you do not need any flower, just some plants and that's enough. Beauty of green. :) Well, I like both so, I use both and ta daaaaaaaaaaa! Here's my 'Tropicana Exotica' flowers! :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The 'Station'

After a while of mini-making, some friends are asking how is my mini-making place look like. I make miniatures here and there (wherever space available :D), but the place I named 'my mini-station' is this place. The place is spelled once I sit there I can't drag myself out until something is made.

I know you know that the desk is not always this clean, always somethings on it. lol

At the corner is my latest custom made items, a wooden cart with home baked breads and buns:

It's fun receiving an empty cart/dish/plate/etc. with a short message 'I want it filled with...'

Monday, August 4, 2008

Sweet Summer...

Back from vacation! :) Time flies, really. It was just like yesterday and now vacation is over... I would love to have a never ending vacation. :P

I made this 'sweet summer' for my special someone and I love it (but I love him more...). :)