Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Kitten Cupcake

Here are my newest cupcake creation - strawberry cream cupcake earrings! I would like to name them 'Kitten Cupcake'. Love close-up picture and those cute, tiny 'ears'. :D

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Last week I made tiny fruit cupcakes and this week I made cupcake earrings, each cupcake has ~1/4" (6 mm) diameter. I think these mini-cupcakes are cute and made out lovely earrings.

Now I know why many people are so crazy about cupcakes, they are cute!

Gotta make a few more cupcakes... :D

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Wedding Cake

This week I made a couple of cake and fruit cupcakes (and yes, I like a few and will keep them in my private collection). :D

One of the cakes I made is a 1-tier wedding cake. I like the white rose bouquet topping and the decorating pearls. I love the swirling green leaves, I think they look nice that way. :)

I also tried another design for a blue cream strawberry cake. With a fast glance, the cake look alike and similar to the blue cream cake I made. But there are things different, flower color, arrangements, pollen, etc. Not bad... :)

Monday, February 18, 2008

New Easy Tutorial for Beginner

Pie Crust:
I just added another easy tutorial for mini-beginner to try out. You can use your own imagination to decorate your mini-food.

Have fun and hope to hear how things come out! :)

Oh, and here is the first tutorial I posted:



ADC Key Lime Cane:
Cupcake Shell:

Making Mini mini-cake

After weeks of busy schedule I'm back to my normal evening cake making. 5 new cakes are in their process to be ready to displayed in a couple days. :D

Making white cake is complicate, not because of any other reason but because of the white color that can be altered and disturbed by foreign materials around. It's difficult to keep white clay white. Even cloth you wear can make your white clay dirty (but, I have to admit that white cake looks nice).
I'm also preparing 2 more of quarter scale cakes, problem is I would like one of them a flower-cake and couldn't sit down and make small enough flowers for the cake! I need a small hand day, a VERY small hand day...

Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Heart...

It's Valentine's Day! Is there only love in the air? *sniff around* Some doubt. :P

Smell the sweetness of fresh baked chocolate cake. Hm... yum... "Bitter sweet" no need to say anything else more. Well, I love milk chocolate so, there is more sweet than bitter. hehehehe

This mini-cake is just perfect for my Valentine's Day. The components are represent love and only love. ;) Chocolate (bitter sweet), strawberry (sweet & sour), flowers (beauty) and leaves (freshness). I'm so proud of myself! LOL Kidding!

Well, I think If you stay positive, you can think about anything in good way, I'm certain! And I'm trying and learning to be on positive side. It's easier to make our own life happy than let others do. :)

Happy Valentine's day!

Monday, February 11, 2008

My First 1:48th Scale Cake!

After years of making 1:12th, 1:24th and some 1:6th scale cakes now, it's time for 1:48th.

I gave it a try last weekend and found out the complications of making such a tiny cake. I made a chocolate layered cake covered with white cream and decorated with tiny strawberries. It came out not so bad for the first try. LOL The cake diameter is just ~1/4" (~6.5 mm). Isn't it small enough? However, I made a calculation. Diameter for quarter scale cake supposed to be around 3/16" (~5 mm max.). Argggggggg!

Anyway…I already prepared for a second one! :D

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Indie Miniature Show-off

Another way to admire and show-off miniature for miniature collector and handmade lover!

1. Display them regular way with your miniature collection or in dolls house
2. Use them as ornament to decorate your place that you, your friend and family can see them more often!
3. Alternative way, make them jewelry (pin, ring, brooch, charm, pendant, earrings, hair clip, etc.) and wear them to party, lunch, dinner with your folks!

Moreover, you can give these mini-jewelry to people in your life even if they do not collect miniature or doll house and they can use/make used of them! One benefit of the miniature jewelry are that they are handmade so, you will get unique, OOAK item, no 'twins'.

Is your friend on diet and her birthday is coming closer? A miniature cake pendant weight a few gram yet, zero calories! Looking for a special Valentine's gift for your girlfriend? A pair of miniature red rose earring would be perfect! And if you do not like rose, you can select other kind of flower to tell her how much you love her, each flower has different meaning...

Friday, February 8, 2008

Chocolate Cake

I've been making quite a few different miniature chocolate cakes, dark chocolate cake, milk chocolate cake decorated with colorful flowers, fresh and juicy strawberries, or just with chocolate sheets, chocolate roses, etc.. Most of them came out in good shape with nice look. I'm not sure if this is because of my personal favor on chocolate that makes me like most of them - thinking about one I don't like, I couldn't figure it out though... lol

I also tried making miniature chocolate marble cake - sponge cake. It came out with nice color combination. The only problem is that due to the marble pattern of the cake, it's quite difficult to do any real decoration on the cake. Decoration can be interfered or could interfered the marble pattern and the cake could come out with messy toppings/decoration instead of a yummy, good looking cake. The marble cake will be excellent with cream coating, with marble sponge inside and frosting/cream coating outside then, you can decorate or add toppings and the sliced piece will come out in good shape with beautiful marble pattern of the sponge inside.

Does chocolate has any special meaning? I know flowers have, but what about chocolate?

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

New 1:12th Scale Cakes!

I managed to finish these cakes just last weekend. One 'classy' look (to me) is the yellow dome shaped cake. The cake is topped with purple roses and decorated with purple and orange morning glory flowers. It reminds me to a beautiful pale yellow fabric with beautiful, tiny flowers I saw somewhere in the past...

I've been busy lately and did not do much on cakes and mini-stuff. Anyway, I plan to try a 1/4" scale cake on this coming weekend. There are things I would like to try out but, so little time to do (or it's that I'm too lazy?). lol