Saturday, December 6, 2008

My New Cupcakes and Blog Award

O.K., still in my cupcake obsession mood! :D Yesterday I made this prep. board. It's a fruit cupcake prep. board. I made flower cupcakes for the other prep. board and it's sold out and I still enjoy making cupcake and wanted to make something else different. I also made green tea cupcake which (I think) made the prep. board more colorful.

After taking picture of the prep. board, I found out that the best spot in the picture I like is the left up corner where the 3 ready made cupcakes are (looks festive-IMHO). Wanna give them a bite or two... *blush*

I received a nice surprise blog award from Staphanie (Petit Plat by sk) the other day and had problem to pass this award to miniaturist/artisan I admire. I admire many of them and it's difficult to make 6 out of all, I like Stephanie's works but, I can't pass this award back to her (or can I?). After a while I figured out that some of them are already awarded, feel relieve now. *^^*

Here are 6 dollhouse/doll/miniature artisans whom I would like to pass this blog award to:

1. Casey's Minis by Casey
2. Petite Framboise by Joana
3. Kay's 9ks by K. Stahler
4. .:minicaretti:. by Marcella
5. Dollhouse by Sumaiya Mehreen
6. Little Treasure by
Christel Jensen

Please pass this award to another 6 people. :)


Sumaiya Mehreen said...

Dearest Rachel:
Thank you so much for the award! I love the grapes and cupcakes by the way...

Rachel said...

You're welcome and thank you for your kind comment! :)

Christel Jensen said...

Hi Rachel
Thank you for the award:) I am so amazed with your flowers on your cakes!! Are you a real cake decorator too? Looks like you have special training:)

Caseymini said...

Rachael, thanks for the award. Please read the extra entry in my blog from this morning. I need advice!

Rachel said...

Hi Christel,

You're welcome. :)

Well, I'm none of cooker nor baker in real life. But I did some flower works with different kind of materials before (paper, ribbon, dough, etc.). Lately I use cutters similar to Kemper cutter for my flower together with painting, still practicing though. I made my minis mainly based on my own imagination together with inspiration from things I've seen. :)

Rachel said...

Hi Casey,

Thank you for the award. :)

The Carolina Quilter said...

What wonderful little cupcakes and the fruit really makes the prep board beautiful! How I wish I could do good canework!

Rachel said...

Hi Jody,

I'm glad to know that you like the cupcakes. :) Too late for Christmas item now so, I'll stick with these cupcakes for a little longer. ;)

milo said...

thanks Rachel, you made my day :)

it will take a while for me to update my blog, but I will! I've just come back from London Kensington Dollshouse Festival where I exhibited for the very first time and I'm still on cloud nine... to think that I was among all of those wonderful artisans from all over the world!

thanks again and congrats on your latest creations, soooo neat.

Rachel said...

Hi Milo,

You're welcome and congratulations on your first exhibition! :)