Friday, November 7, 2008

Winter Taboo...

It's always like this... missing ice cream when temperature is heading down and cold wind is blowing. But this year I'll be able to enjoy ice cream living in the big mango! :D

I guessed there is something wrong with me making Halloween items during spring, ice cream on winter, Valentine's items on fall, etc. -_-' Will I ever make things right? When I started making these 'out of season' items it was mainly because I missed them, I think there are some of us out there feeling similar... Or?

Anyway, this prep. board is homemade ice cream with toppings you can add as much as you want. :D


Stephanie said...

lol!! You're so funny Rachel :p
I can't do ice cream in winter because I want to take warm things, soup, hot chocolate, etc.
Ice cream in winter? brrr! :D

Rachel said...

Well... things go wrong with me since I've moved in the big mango (or it's purely me, myself and I alone?). *thinking* lol