Friday, November 21, 2008

Simply Me...

Nothing more, nothing special... *^^*

I kinda like this sponge cake, love the simplicity, pretty color combination (IMHO), and love it as a sponge cake. :)

I used to make fruity sponge cake, cupcake and tried to make something else other not different, but the mixture of those lovely cakes


The Carolina Quilter said...

Beautiful! You do such beautiful work. I tried my hand at a raspberry/chocolate cake and a lemon meringue pie. The cake was okay for an amateur but the lemon meringue turned a mossy snot green when I baked it and it started as a lovely, pale shade of Fimo yellow mixed with translucent????!!!! Maybe mini food is not my forte?!


Rachel said...

Thank you Jody. :) I never had such experience with Fimo yet (well, I do not have that much experience on Fimo clay play though... :P). If you like you can apply to join CDHM there are Fimo artisans there who can help you with useful suggestion and such on Fimo and even cold porcelain mini-making. I hope you have fun on these bake and cake things! ;)

Rachel :)

Anonymous said...


Wow c'est vraiment incroyable ce que tu fais! J'ai trouvé ton addresse dans mini leaps and bounds de Jody, et j'ai trouvé ton art vraiment super. Si tu veux jetter un oeil a mon blog c'est:
Je construit des maisons de fées avec des elements naturels. Je veux commencer à faire mes propres miniatures, comme ce que tu fais, mini food etc... Je vais lister ton blog dans mon blogroll si tu me permets :) Mika.

Anonymous said...


Sorry for that last message, lol it happens when you're trilingual :) I was saying that I really like your work and that I have a blog at
I do faerie houses with natural materials, and I'm now very interested in miniature food, and miniatures of all kind in general. I think you have a lot of talent and wanted to leave a message here :)

Rachel said...

Hello Mika,

lol That's understandable. Thank you very much for your message. :) I'm visiting your blog! *^________^*