Sunday, March 1, 2009

Eye Candy

I love their color!
Pastel, pastel, pastel, I love pastel color....... *^^*

I make 2 different size cupcake, in 1:12th scale - regular and king cupcake. These are regular size.

Available upon request at my Etsy Shop (other than this depends on my mood :P).

Have a pretty pastel Sunday! *^^*


Debbie said...

Rachel these little cup cakes are so pretty. Love all the colours..

La Angy said...

I link your blog on my blog.
Thank you for your visit!

rosanna said...

amazing and so fashionable in their pretty colors.

The Carolina Quilter said...

What beautiful, perfect and varied little cupcakes. Exquisite work.

Mini Leaps and Bounds

Maria said...


There is an award in my blog for you ;)

Fantastic cup cakes!


Rachel said...

Thank you ladies. I hope spring comes soon and that we all can celebrate sunlight, flowers and plants. :)

Rachel said...

@ Maria,thank you very much for the award. I'm honored! :)

Yira said...

Oh, so beautiful...

pussman said...

Yes, this really is eye candy!
My eyes had a great time, they are beautiful, like a picture,
You should make nice photographs to make postcards :)

I surely would buy one

Meli said...

Rachel, love the little cup cakes and the colors are so nice. You have beautiful works.

Emily said...

Nice Kiwis on the Cup Cakes!!
how did you make them??
Please visit my blog at: