Friday, February 8, 2008

Chocolate Cake

I've been making quite a few different miniature chocolate cakes, dark chocolate cake, milk chocolate cake decorated with colorful flowers, fresh and juicy strawberries, or just with chocolate sheets, chocolate roses, etc.. Most of them came out in good shape with nice look. I'm not sure if this is because of my personal favor on chocolate that makes me like most of them - thinking about one I don't like, I couldn't figure it out though... lol

I also tried making miniature chocolate marble cake - sponge cake. It came out with nice color combination. The only problem is that due to the marble pattern of the cake, it's quite difficult to do any real decoration on the cake. Decoration can be interfered or could interfered the marble pattern and the cake could come out with messy toppings/decoration instead of a yummy, good looking cake. The marble cake will be excellent with cream coating, with marble sponge inside and frosting/cream coating outside then, you can decorate or add toppings and the sliced piece will come out in good shape with beautiful marble pattern of the sponge inside.

Does chocolate has any special meaning? I know flowers have, but what about chocolate?


Katie's Clay Corner said...

HI, I make mini cakes myself, but yours are beautiful! I love this chocolate heart cake!! Looks so yummy!!

Rachel said...

Thank you! :) I love (eating) chocolate. :P

MiniBella said...

Rachel - that is just amazing! Charlene in Canberra

Rachel said...

Thank you Charlene! :)