Saturday, February 9, 2008

Indie Miniature Show-off

Another way to admire and show-off miniature for miniature collector and handmade lover!

1. Display them regular way with your miniature collection or in dolls house
2. Use them as ornament to decorate your place that you, your friend and family can see them more often!
3. Alternative way, make them jewelry (pin, ring, brooch, charm, pendant, earrings, hair clip, etc.) and wear them to party, lunch, dinner with your folks!

Moreover, you can give these mini-jewelry to people in your life even if they do not collect miniature or doll house and they can use/make used of them! One benefit of the miniature jewelry are that they are handmade so, you will get unique, OOAK item, no 'twins'.

Is your friend on diet and her birthday is coming closer? A miniature cake pendant weight a few gram yet, zero calories! Looking for a special Valentine's gift for your girlfriend? A pair of miniature red rose earring would be perfect! And if you do not like rose, you can select other kind of flower to tell her how much you love her, each flower has different meaning...

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