Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Heart...

It's Valentine's Day! Is there only love in the air? *sniff around* Some doubt. :P

Smell the sweetness of fresh baked chocolate cake. Hm... yum... "Bitter sweet" no need to say anything else more. Well, I love milk chocolate so, there is more sweet than bitter. hehehehe

This mini-cake is just perfect for my Valentine's Day. The components are represent love and only love. ;) Chocolate (bitter sweet), strawberry (sweet & sour), flowers (beauty) and leaves (freshness). I'm so proud of myself! LOL Kidding!

Well, I think If you stay positive, you can think about anything in good way, I'm certain! And I'm trying and learning to be on positive side. It's easier to make our own life happy than let others do. :)

Happy Valentine's day!


elleabelle said...

Oh my...that is amazing! I want to eat it!

Rachel said...

Thank you! I love this one. :)