Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Time In A Bottle

Another sand clay items I've made. I named this one 'time in a bottle'. The bottled flowers are together with sand clay lid.

I'm getting ready for my vacation. Woo Hooooo! I'm now on my miniature break - only lazy around, eat and sleep. :P I try to put miniature things aside until I'm back with new things in my head. :)

It's also difficult not to go online as often as I used to do (yes, I know I'm addicted). lol I'm planning to get back to my wood work, crochet and paper craft things even if my wood work doesn't seem to go anywhere, but it's fun and I can't just stay away from it once I've 'chance'. ;) Oh, I hope it will be better once I 'grow up' enough. :D

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