Monday, January 12, 2009

Hot Pot-Bread...

What else is better than fresh baked bread in these cold, freezing days?

Fresh baked grandma's recipe sun dried tomato pot-bread with Italian pesto and hot tea will warm you up. *^^*

What kind of pesto do you like? For me, I vote for traditional basil pesto
. :D

Do you smell the fresh baked bread? They are ready! Don't forget to bring some butter on the way and we can start our day out! ;)


Debbie said...

Rachel I love it.. I've seen bread baked like this for real, in terracotta pots..
Mini Hugs

Call over to my blog later I'm doing a Birthday Give Away........

Rachel said...

Hi Debbie,

I'm glad to hear that you like the prep board. Yes, normally the bread is baked in terracotta pot. I tried it with brownish-terracotta mini-pot, but the color were all 'reddish brown'. So, I decided to change a bit for other color contrast. :P

erika said...

Yumie,you make hungry.

Rachel said...

I'm hungry too... :D

pussman said...

Your work is so delicate! I hope to reach the same level one day.
I made a bunch of cakes for the second time yesterday, and they where already smaller than the first time.
I love this work!
Thanks for visiting my blog!