Friday, January 9, 2009

Spice Up Your Life!

Thinking of food set as combination between flower and fruit and edible things and eye consumable. I, in general, like colorful mini-food. Together with chocolate, color of other food are brighter and that make the food 'colorful' and 'spicy' for eyes. Soft, pastel color are warm and sweet. *^^*

Sweet/dessert and bakery making sites are my real inspiration and other mini-artisans' works spiced up my mini-making eagerness yet... I'm a bit too lazy after these holiday and vacation. *blush*


Christel Jensen said...

Hi Rachel. Very beautiful display. I love your roses:)

Debbie said...

Rachel, it all looks wonderful as always. Especially like the Chocolate Cake.
Mini Hugs

Rachel said...

Thank you, Christel and Debbie, the minis were one of my made to order orders. *^^*

St├ęphanie Kilgast said...

yep I like to mix colors with chocolate too! Sometimes I force myself to make some vanilla cakes, because I suppose people sometimes want to see something different than chocolate :D

And as always I looove your flowers so much! *__*

Rachel said...

Hi Stephanie,

I have the same problem, once I found out that I made solely chocolate cake with different topping/decoration (it was when I took photo of the cakes and after I uploaded the photos I noticed that all were chocolate). :P

Well, in real life, I also one of chocoholic member though. ;)

Love color combination of your works.

Rachel :)

Doda said...

These miniature fruit slices look so juicy and delicious! I am amazed at your artistry!!!

Rachel said...

Thanks! :)