Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wedding Cake Replication

I recently got orders and quite a few inquiries asking if I do wedding cake replication. My answer is 'Yes', but I also need to see a picture or two of the cake in order to be able to tell you if the cake is beyond my ability to replicate or not. Ideally, I would like to make them exactly the same - real and replicated mini-cake. My replication version is always with details as much as I can do out of the real version. And I work on it little by little to get the best result, the order takes around 2-3 weeks to finish. Once the cake is shipped, I only hope the mini-cake pleases the owner...

This is my latest wedding cake replication work. I really like the cake, I even fell in love with it when I started to make those tiny flowers in different shade (I'm asking for permission to post picture(s) of the real cake here for your reference).


And here are more picture of the replicated and original cake. :)


Cre8 said...

This is amazing Rach!!! I think you did an amazing job, or have you not posted the original cake yet??? I am confused they look real and the same in all the images, or should they be?

B said...

I absolutely love my miniature and can't wait to receive it... that's right this is my wedding cake and I'm so happy I can't see straight! LOL Rachel is so talented!! I've been pleased with the whole process.

Thanks Rachel! <3

Rachel said...

@Andrea, the trick is I post tiny pics of the real cake and huge pics of the replicated one so, you can't see much detail of the real one and that make them look more similar. *grin* ;)

@B, your wedding cake is beautiful and I'm so glad that you like my replication. I tried my best to make the mini-flowers in different shade and tone to get color variation of the real ones and it worths the effort! :)

Christine said...

Gorgeous, Rachel! :)