Friday, March 28, 2008

Making Miniature Cake For the First Time

How to make miniature cake???

I remember the time I started to make my own miniature cake and had completely no idea what to do or where to start and decided to went ahead with all trials and errors expecting nothing for any good use, but lesson(s) learned...

There, I started with a block of clay and
color pen's cap. It did not look difficult before I started to make, those cakes look cute and some look so simple. So, I got the clay colored, cut it out by a pen cap. OK, I got a cake body and now what?

Let start. We will do it together.

First, if you have nothing at all but a pen or two. Get one and take the cap out or grab one of your cookie cutters. Color the clay or use colored clay you want, flat it down to your desired thickness, cut it out in round shape or shape of your 'cake cutter'.

You now got you cake body ready for decoration. Want decorating cream? Roll a small amount of clay into small round ball, make some of them enough to decorated the cake base and top, if you like.

Toppings? You can roll small snakes and cut the snake into short rods and use the rods for cake topping like chocolate sticks. Line them radically on the cake or make simple cherry balls, make a tear drop shape of red clay into strawberry, etc. You do not have to do everything exactly like in reality, just simplify it the way you can. Have paper punch? Roll the clay into thin sheet and punch it out to shape(s) and use the punched out clay to decorate your cake. Now, it's up to your imagination. Have fun! :)


Nana said...

I loved your work, congratulations.
Nana from Brasil

Rachel said...

Thank you, Nana. I hope you have fun browsing! :)

earmark said...

your work is amazing! I love it! Your blog is so fun to browse through, thank you!

Rachel said...

I'm glad to know that I did not write a boring blog! Thank you very much and hope to see you again! :)

knitsteel said...

Your sweet treat miniatures are delightful. I like your little tutorial. It shows how easy it is to make something really simple for the kids. It is inspiring, because we all like to play with different craft forms! But I can still see clearly how expert you are, both with the clay your artistic cake designs.

Rachel said...

Thanks! :) I hope these tutorials can be used and inspire beginner(s) to start out their clay-play. Yet, kids can have fun with the techniques too. From here who know how far one can go. ;)

Have fun!
Rachel :)