Sunday, March 23, 2008

Made to Order

Many of us would like to have some other specific design for certain items for our own purpose. The only problem is many items we found are 'almost' what we want to have, but anyway it's not 'it'.

So, what others do? They ask if some item can be done with different details to suit their need. Therefore, custom order service begin! Doesn't sound bad, huh? :)

I got messages for custom order, some are different from my regular items and they are sure fun to work with. I enjoy these custom orders as much as my regular stuff. I found out that the most important thing is communication.

So far, every of my custom order/made to order items are what the person who ordered/the buyer want to have. If there is no picture available from the buyer, I will do some internet searchings and send a pic or two to my buyer. And then, we got the same idea of what they want and what I will make. Or in case of real item replication. I would, beforehand, inform them that some parts will need to be simplify. I can't beat mother nature and her creations. lol I can only try my best to keep things similar or close to what the real one is. (Some items, after I finished making, I do not want to ship them to my buyers and just wanted to keep them in my personal collection... :P)


Sandy said...

Hi Rachel,

Just letting you know that your site is amazing! I've added it to my polymer clay links. I've been wanting to do a miniature food swap in Canada with the clayers. Your site has inspired me to organize it.

I'll be back often - I love your work and it makes me smile!


Rachel said...

Hi Sandy,

Thank you and I'm honored knowing that my blog has inspired you! :) I hope you enjoy browsing through the articles and minis. Please feel free to add your comment and I will improve both my blog and minis.

Rachel :)

SmuTopia said...

Fantastic Work! I'm in love with those ice cream cone earrings :-) I just added a link to your blog on mine: