Friday, March 7, 2008

Peach Pie

Yes, I'm in pie mode. :) I'm making pies in different container, flat plate, deep bottom dish, aluminum pan, etc.I always want to try pie with lattice top, I think this kind of pie looks nice. I wish my neighbor bakery shop make some tiny, mini pies to sell... Would love to eat each of them in one bite. :D

After I made this peach pie I was thinking about making a sliced piece out of the pie. But, I also love the look of a complete piece. I think it looks fine like this. However, to slice one piece out could also give another perspective and could be more realistic look? And I can see the inner part of the pie... What a difficult decision! :(

Was also thinking about making peach pie earrings - sliced the pie out and make them earrings. Finally, I decided to keep it miniature pie instead of earring pie. :P I think it doesn't look bad. Let's eat! :D


Dancing Monkey Jewelry said...

Your miniatures are FANTASTIC! I can't believe how "real" they look. You're very talented. I've just recently become a fan of polymer clay and the artist that work with it - polymer clay is amazing stuff.

Rachel said...

Thank you! :) It's fun working with polymer clay. I'm obsessed... lol

Siret said...

Aww! This is just the cutest pie I have ever seen :D

Rachel said...

Thanks! It's a chubby, little pie. :)

pussman said...

I was wondering? Is it possible to cut a slice out of a baked pie?
Do you have to reheat it first?
When I look at your beautiful flowers I am glad I have ordered a 'how to make miniature flowers" from amazon. Can't wait to get it!