Thursday, April 3, 2008

My Tiny, Little Green Backyard

Happy, I am happy you can see, you can see... la la la laaaaaaaa (I'm singing. :D)

Spring time for me is not just long daylight time and sun-bathing. When I was young (just a couple years back ;)) spring time always bring up and bring back my love of fairy tales. Birds and bees were my tiny, little fairies. Small mushrooms were their houses and the fairies and elf were cooking, talking & playing in their spring backyard.

Still remember those time fairy tales were 'real' to you and that you were searching for tiny tinker bell all over? Ever wish you can fly and spell with a magic wand? I found bones on my back and thought they were my wings and that if I'm a good girl the wings will grow up and I can fly someday...

Have a closer look... What do you see? :)

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