Monday, April 21, 2008

Let The Sun Shine In...

Yessssss! Let the sun shine in, flowers are blooming! :) It's such a good feeling with all these flowers around and you can see I'm so much into flower cake! lol

My previous flower cakes were with plain, mono-tone flower. Like plain red, purple, yellow, etc. Playing with shade and tone makes the flower cake nicer. I saw it but I didn't get it (by then). :|

Just got a message from one of my mini-jewelry customer that she enjoy the bracelet she ordered and got many compliments on it too. I'm so happy to hear that. I made the mini-jewelry with dollhouse miniature quality and details and glad that all my effort I put on the work are noticed!

Life is beautiful, just let the sun shine in... :)

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Anonymous said...

wonderful blog lots to see and now I want to see your shop