Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My First Miniature How-to Article

Since I start making miniature, I never tried to gather all the process, method, trick and tip out together. Things just go naturally at they are. One day, I have a chance to write miniature how-to article for a miniature online magazine, Dollhouseartisan.com.

Believe it or not? It was difficult to write things down than to make them. So, I started my article by making a simple, teeny, tiny 1:24th scale cake out and took pictures of whatever I did. Then, I sorted the pictures out and grouped them into 3 steps and wrote descriptions for each of them. The Dollshouseartisan's editor was so kind. She help edited my article and then, it went on published (was around mid-December)! I was so excited and hope the article could be useful and to inspire/encourage those who would like to start out their miniature cake making with my simple and easy how-to.

I also found that the website is a nice, good one. There are more than 250 tutorials and projects published there with variety field of miniature work, furniture making, sculpting, painting, cloth making, crochet, knitting, flower making, bakery, cake, etc. Not just for 1:12th scale but, also 1:24th scale.

One thing I learned from writing article is that it can be easy, just to read what others did. But, if the result come out in a good shape is question of skill and experience which can not be taught. And, yes, once the 'secret' is written down things seem to be easy. Is it actually easy as it is?

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