Monday, January 21, 2008

Tools Needed for Miniature Cake Making

My half scale cake bodies (the clay) were mainly cut out to shape used color pen's cap (which is bigger than regular pen's cap) - no other mold, cutting tool or cookie cutter. So, the thicker clay layer made out nice dome shaped body. For heart shape and square shape cutters, I used metal strip from plastic food wrapping package and bend it into shape, not a perfect curve, but it works! The most time-consume part is pearl making, I roll small portion of clay into tiny ball. It's not that easy (for me) to make similar size tiny balls. And so, before I get enough pearl to decorate a cake, my fingers hurt!

It's amazing that every time I start
making new cake, new idea just pop up into my head what around me to be used and so far, I do not need any special tool to make my mini-cake at all.

Now, just have a look around and try to figure out how could things you found can be used for your miniature. ;)


Minna said...

I love your miniature cakes. This one is so beautiful.

Rachel said...

Thank you Minna. :) The cake is in 1:24th scale (~1/2" or 12 mm diameter). I like this one too. ;)