Thursday, May 1, 2008

Air Dry Clay


There are several different type of clay used for miniatures and sculptures. For miniature food, you may familiar with Polymer Clay like Fimo which is also known as oven or bake clay which needs to be baked in oven to get its final properties. Cold porcelain is well known for realistic look flower making and it's a kind of clay that do not need to be baked to make it hard and fully 'set' when it dried.

Yet, there are many more type of clay used for art and craft...

Research & Experience

I started my mini-making using ADC, Japanese ADC known as Pando or Pan Clay and Cosmos and also work with Fimo from time to time. Later on I use Luna Clay which is also ADC. The properties of these clay are not much different. I don't know what exactly the ingredients of these clay are. But from internet searchings, information exchanging with several other crafters and sculptures brought me to my conclusion that cold porcelain and the ADC I use are quite similar they all started from homemade bread dough then, develop the recipe for better properties especially, to prevent disturbance from insects and molds.

There are pros and cons on each and every clay and that once you decide to 'play' with it you may need to do some experiments to get used to its properties.

Coming up next: The Recipe(s)

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