Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Marble Cake

OK, something else other than regular cream cake, marble cake! :) The cake is made of Thai Clay while the flowers are from Japanese Luna clay. I managed to get the stripes of cream and chocolate part. Yes, beside marble sponge cake this one is marble cream cake! :D Well, it was fun trying this and that and even better when the result come out quite nicely.

When I started my clay play, I was afraid of 'experiment' and was intended to follow other artisans' pathways and techniques and kept my cakes 'traditional'. Anyway, it was not fun...

Making miniatures with ADC is a great chance to learn, adapt, adopt, invent, adjust and play with techniques and the materials. I intend to do scratch, sculpt, knead and twist, etc. techniques rather than moldings. Seeing ancient handmade items with delicate details inspire me a lot. If they can with a lot less and very limited tools, why can't I?

The truth? Ok... :P Actually, it was because when I started making minis I was still working on my master degree in a university and as a student (then) and even now I have limited budget
. I have to make good, better and best use of things I have - even laboratory stuff. *lol* To be on brighter side, these things made me think and that makes my grey cells work a bit... ;)

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