Sunday, May 11, 2008

Coloring The Clay

I've been 'playing' with ADC for quite a while with a couple different 'brand' or whatever so called. As ADC comes in translucent white (rarely come in white) therefore, once you would like to make the clay into something you need to add color to it.

Color used:

You can use almost (I said almost because I did not try all type of the color available yet) artist color: water color, poster color, oil color, acrylic color, etc. Just add them into the clay and knead the mixtures to get even color.

Water and poster color give pastel tone of color while acrylic and oil color give you stronger color. However, it's depend on the way you mix the color. If you are familiar with color and painting, I'm sure you can make it out whatever you want.

I, finally, finished my bakery house! :D It's so fun with all these 'clay play'!
I warn you... ;)

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