Saturday, May 17, 2008

Air Dry Clay Cakes...

After my breads and buns obsession session I'm now back on my regular 'self' again. :D

Today I'd a couple cake done. Working with ADC 'done' means that they are now sitting and drying. lol Often that I wish I'm working with PC and once I'm finish making a cake, it's ready to be displayed. But who is in a hurry? ;)

I think I'm at the edge of mini-making for this period, I'm turning 'blank' and have no idea what to make next. It's time (again)... Gonna put the clay aside and try something else new in between. I used to do paper craft, knitting, crochet, tried some wood works. lol Nothing success though, but it's always good to try something else from time to time. Who knows I could turn to be a knitting or crochet master some day... ;) hehehehe

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Ana said...

I love your miniature food. Delicious!:)