Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Recipe(s)

For ADC there are 'homemade' recipes available online together with the recipe cooking how-to. If you compare home made cornstarch clay to cold porcelain recipe you will see the similarity. The main ingredients are cornstarch and water and then other ingredients are added. With cornstarch/flour you need to cook the recipe, but with substitute of kaolin or talcum no cooking needed - so they say some homemade Luna clay recipes use these substances.

Most of the ingredients' quantity/amount used are just as guideline, you may need to adjust the amount for your own use, add more liquid to get more fluidized clay and add more cornstarch to make your clay more dense. Playing with clay is something like chemical laboratory experiment! :D

Here are some recipes I found available online:

- Cold Porcelain by Dotl
Cold Porcelain by
Gina Atkinson
- ADC Recipe on DLTK's
- Clay Recipes on Opossum Sally's
- Cornstarch based clay on The Artful crafter
- Clay Recipes on Can Teach
Recipes on The Holiday Zone

And there are many more interesting recipe online!

I'm addicted and became obsessed on making minis using ADC, not the one I made by myself, but the clay on my current experiment is local made not a manufacturer/brand one and it's quite easy to work with. More or less similar to my regular clay.

If you like the pic. above, the bakes are made of this local made ADC, Thai Clay, to be more exact. Fantastic aren't they? ;)

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